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Glacia has noticed..,.

That the last 2 posts are extreamly colourful.


do the garefowl (8:13:25 PM): \o\
do the garefowl (8:13:28 PM): awesome
MadamGlacia (8:13:30 PM): D8
regigiggles (8:13:32 PM): /o/
MadamGlacia (8:13:49 PM): \0\
do the garefowl (8:13:57 PM): wow your head
Kefanii (8:13:58 PM): \o/
do the garefowl (8:13:59 PM): IT'S NOT A TUMOR
Para Medic 14573 (8:14:02 PM): MY EGG CRACCCKED
do the garefowl (8:14:07 PM): YAY
MadamGlacia (8:14:09 PM): /o\
Para Medic 14573 (8:14:12 PM): *no lief*
do the garefowl (8:14:17 PM): \o_
MadamGlacia (8:14:25 PM): _o_ XD I love this chat

I love the chat

7:26:59 PM): 8V
lovelesstenshi (7:27:05 PM): yea, i hardly use them either
iridescentfoxx (7:27:14 PM): I love my text-based ones :U
lovelesstenshi (7:27:21 PM): Me too! ^_^
MadamGlacia (7:27:34 PM): I like both 8D
lovelesstenshi (7:27:41 PM): That's coo, too. :3
lovelesstenshi (7:27:44 PM): *cool
MadamGlacia (7:27:47 PM): XD
iridescentfoxx (7:27:49 PM): All is good
lovelesstenshi (7:27:55 PM): in da hood
iridescentfoxx (7:28:07 PM): fo' sho'
MadamGlacia (7:30:05 PM): indeed...yo
lovelesstenshi (7:30:24 PM): fer shnizzle
XD I'm geek

Glacia's current Holy Grail

 Glacia's current Holy Grails are.....
The Ninetales/Vulpix Zukan
Lucario pillow
That purple shirt I saw on the comm with all of those first gen fire types on it including Ninetales

Con Costume questions

I have a chance at going to an Anime con over in Orlando and I'm planing on makeing an Umbreon hoodie to where. Problem is, I don't know if I should be a shiny Umbreon or a normal one. Any suggestions?  
I decided on Shiny Umbreon 8D I will be lovely. And I'm also gonna try nd make the ears and tail have a button for easy removel to where at school.
I finally requested to join the poke'collecters community, despite my fear of rejection. I've been lurking about, getting excited when I see a Ninetales but then I realize I have absolutly no chance at getting it since I can't post there DX. Hopefully I get the go ahead to join :)


Glacia ish exaused. But she has many new pokemon merchendise (Mostly cards) and a lovely flower pillow made by her aunt. Glacia likes talking in third person

Curse my poor memory

One time, when I was at MGM watching the IndyJones Stunt Show, A group of Japanese women were sittin next to me. For some weird reson I had passed on my standard red licorish wheels as my snack and got a bag of what tasted like SweetTarts and were shaped like Disney characters. Now the lady next to me was eyeing my candy, (Ironiclly I was glancing at the millions of bags of my faveorite Japanese treat, soda candy) and she finally said in just the sweetest voice,"Would you mind if I tried a few of your candies?" Now I think the reson I actually got these was for one thing alone. It had to be the fullest bag of Disney candy I'd ever seen.  So I said sure, and gave her a handful (I still had enough candy to last me until two weeks later) and she pulled this face 0.0 And then out of the blue , EVERYONE in her group gave me two-three peices of what they had and I pulled this face 8D . That lady and I didn't even pay attention to the show. We just talked about our faveorite candy.

Why, WHy, WHY?!


Hello all

My first journal here. Meh, I'm tired (Waves to Amber)